3 Huge Spring 2017 Handbag Trends Perfect For The Office

So many gorgeous Spring 2017 handbags! The colors, patterns, and styles appear more innovative than ever. These three trends add flair to your workday, while maintaining practicality, and  your leadership image.

Ring Handles:

Reminiscent of the 70’s, ring handles exude updated nostalgia, and are a favorite on Instagram, according to Savoir Flair. The addition of a shoulder strap will make it easy to carry a heavy load when necessary. And if you invest in a soft version of the ring handle, you can use it folded over as an oversized clutch as well.


Sometimes you simply want a big bag you can fit everything in  – your nutritious lunch if you are not eating out, healthy snacks for between meetings, umbrella, iPad or laptop, and everything else that helps your day run smoothly.

For a safe, yet adventurous move away from the ordinary, opt for a larger than usual size work bag – but perhaps not as exaggerated as the runway versions.



Pop Prints:

If you work in a creative office such as marketing or graphic design, a statement bag with a graphic print adds joy to your day, and credibility to your creative leadership position. A pop print bag says you possess style, and are unafraid to take risks.


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