Thanks for visiting my store. My name is Lorena and I am an entrepreneur and web developer. I love fashion and put together this store. I am always adding and removing products so make sure to check back often. I think at one time I managed around 20 stores. I am now focusing on my career and my other stores so I narrowed it down to 2-4 stores. 


I am always adding and removing products so please make sure you come back and visit us. Add a shortcut to your home screen

Processing time: 1-2 Days

Shipping time: 10-15 Days

I work with very many different merchants around the world. It allows me to travel the world as well while maintaining the store.

Make sure you check my other stores as well www.OnlineMakeUpTutorials.com


On a trip to South America I met a very nice old lady and she and I partnered up to offer a new unique store Trelke Chue


I do process a lot of orders and receive a lot of messages 

Please send me a message email at [email protected] 

and thank you for your business. I DO APPRECIATE IT!