3 Huge Spring 2017 Handbag Trends Perfect For The Office

So many gorgeous Spring 2017 handbags! The colors, patterns, and styles appear more innovative than ever. These three trends add flair to your workday, while maintaining practicality, and  your leadership image.

Ring Handles:

Reminiscent of the 70’s, ring handles exude updated nostalgia, and are a favorite on Instagram, according to Savoir Flair. The addition of a shoulder strap will make it easy to carry a heavy load when necessary. And if you invest in a soft version of the ring handle, you can use it folded over as an oversized clutch as well.


Sometimes you simply want a big bag you can fit everything in  – your nutritious lunch if you are not eating out, healthy snacks for between meetings, umbrella, iPad or laptop, and everything else that helps your day run smoothly.

For a safe, yet adventurous move away from the ordinary, opt for a larger than usual size work bag – but perhaps not as exaggerated as the runway versions.



Pop Prints:

If you work in a creative office such as marketing or graphic design, a statement bag with a graphic print adds joy to your day, and credibility to your creative leadership position. A pop print bag says you possess style, and are unafraid to take risks.


Top 9 Best Lightweight Diaper Bags 2017

Diaper bags can weigh down your shoulder, especially when mom decides to take the entire nursery along to the grocery store. It is best if parents opt to just take the essentials, rather than everything that they think their baby could need.

If you can’t stop yourself and you like to bring a haul of items with you, you need to look for one of the best lightweight diaper bags. It will reduce the overall weight, making it easier for you to carry around. Here are the best ones we found with the ideal features for parents.

The Best Lightweight Diaper Bags

We are going to take a look at diaper bags that weigh less than two pounds when empty. Ideally, they should weigh the least amount possible.

  1. Skip Hop Baby Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Skip Hop makes some of the best quality diaper bags with qualities that benefit parents. Empty, the Duo weighs little more than a pound. It has a zip-top closure that ensures all of your belongings stay in place. It is constructed of polyester, which is easy to clean if it gets dirty.

The Duo has ten pockets in total, including two elasticized mesh side pockets ideal for bottles. On the front, there is a zipper pocket as well as a tech pocket for tablets or laptops up to 15 inches. Parents can carry the Duo either with the grab handles or the adjustable, shoulder strap with non-slip pads. You could hang the bag from your shoulder with shuttle clips.

You can trust the quality offered by Skip Hop. Their Duo is a lightweight diaper bag, but it offers plenty of pockets for organization. You can take all of the essentials without any concern.


  1. JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

Moms like to carry a stylish bag, and the JJ Cole Satchel is the perfect choice. You can keep all of your baby’s necessities in the spacious interior with multiple organizational pockets. On the exterior, JJ Cole included easy open pockets as well as zippered pockets for your valuable items. There are seven exterior pockets, including two side pockets designed for bottles. On the interior, you will find four pockets as well as the large, center section.

The Satchel weighs around one pound when empty, making it one of the best lightweight diaper bags. JJ Cole included a matching changing pad for a sanitary place to change your baby’s diaper. It fits right into an exterior pocket. Parents can carry the bag with the handles or by the detachable, padded shoulder strap. You will find grips included so you can secure the bag to a stroller.

JJ Cole didn’t miss any necessary features when they designed their Satchel diaper bag.


  1. Graco Gotham Back Diaper Bag

Some parents prefer a backpack style diaper bag. They are convenient, durable, and perfect for fathers. The Gotham has multiple compartments, perfect for overpackers. There are large interior pockets for all of the essentials like clothes and toys. On the exterior, Graco added multiple, zippered compartments, an insulated bottle pocket, and a wipes dispenser. The dispenser is convenient for quick diaper changes. There is also a removable changing pad for convenience.

The Gotham weighs 1 pound 8 ounces, the perfect size for a backpack diaper bag. Parents can carry it by the easy tote handles or by the padded shoulder straps. You can carry the bag by the straps all day long and be comfortable.


  1. Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

Hip Cub combined functional and large into a stylish messenger diaper bag. It is a practical choice for all of your essential items, with a roomy interior. Weighing only 1 pound 9 ounces, this bag has eight internal and external pockets. There are plenty of space for your necessary items. The main compartment closes with a secure zipper closure.

There are some other convenient features such as the matching, changing pad and included stroller straps. You can carry it with the adjustable shoulder strap to wear it cross body or carry it the hand tote straps. Thin striped, cotton canvas is the perfect pattern for mothers who want to carry a classic and sophisticated bag. You can spot clean the bag if it gets dirty. Best of all, it is budget friendly!


  1. Wallaroo Baby Diaper Bag

Wallaroo combines fashion and function with their designer tote bag for mothers. Their bag weighs 1 pound 9 ounces, allowing you to carry the necessary items without breaking your shoulder. The bag features a wider opening with shallower proportions, allowing you to fit more into the bag with easier access.

This awesome bag by Wallaroo has a larger interior with a total of 11 pockets for your items! The front of the bag has two cargo pockets and two zippered pockets. On the inside, they included bottle holders. Also, four elasticized storage pockets will keep your items in place.

Wallaroo added an adjustable shoulder strap for an extra way to carry the bag. The bag includes a changing pad and a pocket for the pad that can also hold tablets or laptops. Integrated stroller clips and an insulated baby bottle sleeve are handy features included for parents.


  1. Graco Tangerine Duffel Diaper Bag

Graco makes our next choice for the best lightweight diaper bags. Their Tangerine bag weighs 1 pound 6 ounces. It is a lightweight and durable choice with multiple compartment and a spacious interior. When you unzip the top, you will find a generously sized main compartment with multiple, smaller pockets. There is plenty of space for diaper creams, pacifiers and your items like car keys.

A two-tone grey exterior features side pockets designed to hold baby bottles upright. There is a front pocket for wipes and other essentials you need close at hand. Parents also receive a removable changing pad for a sanitary surface for diaper changes. You can pick to carry the bag with the shoulder strap or the tote handles, whichever is more comfortable. Best of all, the price for the Graco Tangerine bag make it an option for everyone.


  1. Skip Hop Baby Forma Pack and Go Diaper Bag

Many parents love the functionality of a backpack. Forma weighs one pound; it is one of the lightest choices on the market. The bag features lightweight yet durable nylon, quilted fabric. A spacious interior allows you to fit all of the snacks or extra clothes you may need. There is a large front compartment with two multi-purpose packing cubes. The elasticized, interior pockets and insulated bottle pockets keep the essential items upright.

Skip Hop doesn’t typically miss important features. Parents can hang the bag from a stroller for on the go trips. They purposefully used water resistant fabric because the manufacturer understands spills will happen with babies. There is an included changing pad. The Forma is lightweight with plenty of storage, creating the ultimate backpack for parents.


  1. Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

We had to include another diaper bag by Skip Hop; they are experts at creating the best lightweight diaper bags. The Versa only weighs 1 pound 4 ounces! If you are in the market for a high-style diaper bag that won’t stand out when going out to dinner or being carried to the office, you need the Versa. The black polyester exterior offers parents an expandable center that can make the bag 20 percent larger.

11 pockets make up the Versa. There are two spacious, insulated bottle pockets and nine more pockets for all of the clothes and personal items. To stop the items from spilling out, the top zips shut. You can hang it on the stroller with non-skid stroller straps. With a water resistant lining and an included, cushioned changing pad, the Versa by Skip Hop is a solid choice for parents.


  1. Diaper Bag by Mamam

One of the top rated diaper bags is by Mamam, and their bags won’t break the bank. Weighing only 11 ounces, this one of the lightest choices. It allows you to take all of the essential items in a stylish, functional bag. The exterior is fashionable, in a dark navy, with a quilted-like fabric, and you have the choice of four different fabric colors.

Parents have ten pockets, including the large main one with a zippered top, to organize their items. There is a zippered front pocket for mom items like keys or cell phones. There are two side pockets for bottles and magnetic front pockets for must-have items. You get all of the features of the designer bags for half of the price.


Making the Final Choice

These are nine of the best lightweight diaper bags on the market for 2017. Before you make a choice, consider these factors.

  • The fabric should be durable and easy to keep clean. Babies are notoriously messy.
  • There should be enough pockets to keep your items organized. If you are an overpacker, you want plenty of space.
  • Check out the extras included such as changing pads or stroller clips.

Having a lightweight diaper bag allows you to bring more items without weighing yourself down. Do you have a favorite lightweight, diaper bag? Let us know in the comments!


Alexander Wang and Giorgio Armani proved it on the catwalk, you want to hold a 3d bag this winter, preferably a pouch bag with three dimensional embellishments. Get a similar 3d bag here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren showed the metallic glimmer and shimmer on the catwalk. Whether it is gold, silver or rainbow, make sure it shines! Get your similar metallic bag here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


Alexander McQueen and Fendi emphasized that the focus is on the shoulder strap, rather than on the bag itself. I’m in! What about you? Get a similar bag with a colorful strap here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


As I also showed you in the August bag crush-article, I have a big love for crazy bag models! Dolce & Gabbana and Sophia Webster set the trend again and I’m – again – just super excited. Get a similar crazy bag here: Tequila cross body!

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


Why not look like you are ready to start another adventure at any time?! Trussardi and Dolce & Gabbana showed how it’s done. With a travel bag along your side, you will be a fashionable every-day travelista during this season. Get a similar travel bag.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


Want to show some power and fortitude, add some chains to your daily attire. Marni and Gucci created beautiful designs with a lot of chains. Get a similar bag with chains here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


Chanel created its ready to wear for Fall Winter 2017 for the new generation, who is always on the run and need a oversized bag. Just like Balenciaga, which fashion house also included streetwear-inflected updates to its collection. Get your similar oversized shopper here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


As there is nothing better that touching delicate velvet when winter chill is trying to freeze your body, Stella McCartney and Fendi built a trend around it. What do you think of these soft handbags? Get your similar velvet bag here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017

9. Backpack Plus+

Anya Hindmarch and Michael Kors continue with the backpack, only this season you make sure it has a plus, like big fur or fun stickers. If you get your similar backpack plus+, make sure you don’t wear it on your back, but hold it in your hand!

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


Keep your hands free this winter! Prada and Chanel created this incredible hands-free purse belts. Whether you wear it over or under your warm winter coat, is up to you. Get you similar purse belt here.

The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017The best bag trends of Fall Winter 2016 2017


6 Bag Trends From the Past That Will Be Big in 2017

Handbags To Carry Spring 2017

Paris Street / IMAXtree

A handbag is a woman’s calling card, and choosing a new style will certainly show the world that she is fashion-savvy. There are some things to consider when shopping for a new handbag next spring. In general, bags are getting smaller, just big enough to carry electronic essentials. Elegantly tailored looks prevail early in the season, but as temperatures rise, a more carefree, casual summer fashion mood emerges, and bags will keep pace with colourful embroidery, folkloric and ethnic touches as well as floral prints. Here are 10 handbag concepts to consider for next spring.

1. Chloé / IMAXtree 2. Burberry

Standing tall is the motto of these small-scale north/south bags, just big enough for phone and other bare essentials. They can be hand-held or worn as a shoulder bag

3. Simon Miller 4. Paris Street / IMAXtree

Mini bags, barely larger than the hand, are a tailored silhouette are a must-have silhouette for the fashion conscious

5. Marni / IMAXtree 6. Altuzarra / IMAXtree

Shoulder bags can be worn very differently: with a long strap cross body, adjusting the strap to suit bag length or even shorter, so the bag fits just under the shoulder

7. Osklen 8. Theory

Hands-free is a new motto for spring! Belt bags are back, large enough to fit necessary items

9. Kenzo / IMAXtree 10. MyChoice

Sleek metal or resin handles on sleek, otherwise unadorned totes or fold-over bags have a modern vibe

11. Céline / IMAXtree 12. Frame Denim

Large, clean and simple totes in leather, nubuck or fabric can be slung over the shoulder or not

13. Giorgio Armani / IMAXtree 14. Zacarias

Colourful weaves in leather, straw or raffia are ideal summer material options for bags

15. Polo Ralph Lauren / IMAXtree 16. Anokhi

Flower power transcends into handbags. The rope espadrille bottom on a drawstring bag is a creative new treatment

17. Tory Burch / IMAXtree 18. Tosca Blu

Colourful fringe and embroidery add a folklorico touch to summer casual bags